Believe in self. Know you are a god in embryo! This is the most sublime and most comforting face in the world, giving assurance of our individualized eternal existence. We are a conscious entity, in consciousness lays character. Eternal life begins when we begin to live our divinity, the higher side of our character.

When we have risen to the height where we recognize the divine in the world in ourselves and in others, we realize our own immortality and yearn to express that love which is within.

It is the same love that permeates us with reverent faith and tender affection for our departed which brings back the hosts of men, women, and children from the higher life.

Hearts are dust, but hearts’ loves are eternal and inspire us to greater spiritual light, for the attainment of our ideals. In our efforts we pronounce our own eulogy in the influence we exercise as it affects the lives of others.

In aspiring, we increase our knowledge, widen our horizon of understanding, deepen our thought, attain a culture of conscience and the apprehension of our eternal existence. Aspiration precedes inspiration. Through it we attain a self-development that lifts us to a higher and nobler conception of life’s duties and privileges. We develop reason and judgment, quantities that are never instantaneous.

We receive inspiration from the achievements of the great, past and present, realizing all comes from Spirit. If we heed the prompting of Spirit, our lives may be an inspiration to others. We are inspired only in ratio as we hear and obey that still small voice within. Inspiration reaches us consistent with our fitness and capacity to receive. Aspire to be a fit receptacle! Set an ideal! Aspire! And inspiration will bring great and enduring accomplishments.

There are no dull moments for an inspired mind. Life is rich and productive in proportion as we begin each day with right intent and apply ourselves with sincerity and diligence to the task before us, determining our degree of success and happiness.

What inspiration is keener than Spiritualism? When we realize our departed loved ones are ever within sight, sound, and touch, trying to impress us, surely this fact inspires us to be a better person and aspire to higher ideals.

Heed the impressions from the Spirit World—hear and respond, do not ignore. Be inspired through Nature’s lessons in this world. Realize all we have, do, or are, are the expression of some inspiration. Sacred texts teem with it, proving it a plural process. When a Voice from the Beyond spoke to the prophets of old—it spoke through them to all people. Likewise: Pass the joy and knowledge you receive on to others. Remember! SOMEBODY is waiting for your inspiration.

  ~ NSAC Spiritualist Manual 🙏

A little Inspiration to Get you through




True religion leads us to live better and truer lives.

It makes us observe a stricter honesty in all our dealings with others.

It causes us to search our own hearts and make them clean and pure -- free from all taint of selfishness --free from everything that can debase.

It implants within us principles and motives, which help us to withstand all the negative temptations which beset the pathway of life.

Gautama Buddha said: "One's own self it is indeed difficult to subdue." A voice from the spirit has told us that virtue is the exercise of sufficient will power to avoid that which is hurtful.

Progress in personal morality is possible for every human being and to aid in this progress is the aim of all true religion.

There is a commandment which echoes through every human breast, saying:

"Be thou perfect; conform thy life to high standards. We are our own savior, and the soul than can render an honest and aspiring life commands all light, all influence, all fate."

Let us labor until there shall be a grand unison of efforts toward a common goal, whose achievement shall uplift the race, whose coming shall send gladness to the hearts of those who are weary and heavy-laden.

Work is an element in developing our spirits, when done with fidelity and purity of purpose; therefore, work enters into the results of all true religion. Yea, work is a joy, both for the does and the person for whom it is done, when it is consecrated by brotherly-love.

Such work bears an invisible flower and fruit -- the flower and fruit of character, of real accomplishments, of true religion. True religion encourages us to mutual helpfulness, to generosity and to kindliness in word and deed.

Under its influence we are led to stretch a helpful hand to those who are bruised or broken -- to make sorrow more endurable and temptations easier to conquer, to make the losses lighter and to lift the sense of shame from the suffering soul.

Then may we exclaim with the poet:

Through love to light! Oh, wonderful the way

That leads from darkness to perfect day;

From darkness and from dolor of the night

To morning that comes singing o'er the sea!

Through love to light! Though light, O God, to thee,

Who art the Love of love, the Eternal Light of light!

 ~ NSAC Spiritualist Manual 🙏



Would you be happy while you dwell on earth? If so pull up the thorn trees from the garden of your life and plant in place thereof the myrtle trees of affection. Then will your days be filled with sunshine and your paths be paths of peace.

Would you be a daily blessing to your neighbors? If so, cast upon the vibrating ether tender thoughts of loving kindness daily, for they shall find lodgment in some heart.

Do you long for opportunities to become good and great? If so, conquer self, master the unruly passions, cultivate the intellect, and apply your powers for humanity’s good.

Are you in love with life? If so, “know thyself”, for in so doing you shall learn the laws which expand and prolong life and you shall perceive the nobility of giving no unnecessary pain to any living creature.

Do you seek knowledge? If so, despise not the small things; deem nothing too sacred for honest investigation; examine the reasons for things, meditate upon the wisdom of the learned, but accept only Truth as a final authority.

Are you in sorrow and in need of consolation? If so, go forth on some errand of mercy; minister unto the sorrowing; speak words of comfort to the distressed and the despairing, for thus shall you find what you impart to others.

Are you distressed with thoughts of the wrongs done? If so, resolve to do wrong no more; open the windows of you soul and let the sunshine in; seek the companionship of the good, ask for the aid of invisible helpers and set yourself some worthy task.

Are you satisfied with self? If so, learn from the truly great and good how small are your attainments, how crude you development; look into the starry heavens and learn to be humble; seek to answer the questions of a child and learn the limitations of your wisdom.

~NSAC Spiritualist Manual🙏



Trust thyself: The person with greatness of soul is one who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect composure the independence of solitude, who under the weight of great misfortunes keeps a serene and equal mind.

If we live truly, we shall see truly, and our intellectual and emotional faculties will be more accurately attuned to nature. Let us be strong and refuse to be weak; let us think for ourselves and not be overawed by so-called ancient authority.

When the mind in its revived vigor takes hold of new conceptions, we shall gladly unburden the memory of its hoarded load of misconceived doctrines.

When a person lives with the Divine, the grosser concepts gradually fall away from them, their mental horizon becomes clarified, their heart becomes more tender, their voice becomes as sweet as the murmur of the brook and the rustle of the corn, but their resolution becomes firmer and their courage dauntless.

Insist on thyself; do not imitate; yet imitation is better than stagnation. Thine own gift thou canst present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole nation’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another thou hast only a temporary half-possession.

That which each can do, best none but Nature can teach him. Do that which is justly assigned to thee, be it great or small, for thou canst not hope too much or dare too much, nor canst thou be abased by faithfully performing small duties.

The patriarchs have delivered words of wisdom for the benefit of those who aspire for and seek inspiration:

“Each man to himself and each woman to herself is the word of the past and present and the true word on immortality.”

“No one is ever poor who looks for what they want within themselves.”

“Behold a part of Divinity itself within thee: remember thine own dignity, not dare to descend to negativity or to meanness.”

“Respect thine own nature; but to do this, thou must have things within thee to respect.”

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to anyone.”

Thus, have great minds impressed upon us our capacity for using divine powers. How the thought of the dignity, the nobility, and the spiritual potency of humanity lifts us from the dust! With this thought held firmly in mind, no one can occupy a servile position in the world—no one can be a slave.

Being aware of the inherent powers of the soul, we must ever seek to make them dominant in the outward life. To do this, we must be ever true to the inward light which makes all things plain and shines for the guidance of all the nations.

~NSAC Spiritualist Manual 🙏


Nature’s demands are the only true guides to usefulness, probity, and progression. To know these demands is all we need to know; faithfully to comply with them is all we need to do, if we would become all we are designed to be and all we are capable of being. We who most perfectly understand the demands of Nature, in regard to our own and our neighbor’s body and soul, most perfectly understand the operations of that Infinite Intelligence which manifests itself in all nature.

We walk in the light and live in the right, who seek the truth in Nature’s book and mold our lives accordingly. We and our neighbors are parts of Nature, therefore, what we do to our neighbors, we do to ourselves. Every act reflects upon ourselves.

Let this be the one controlling thought in our treatment of the men, women, and children around us. Every indignity shown to our neighbor is an indignity to ourselves; every insult or wrong done to man, woman, or child, of whatever country, color, or condition, is done to ourselves.

What we feel toward our neighbor is a measure of our nobility or littleness of soul. To love our neighbor, is to love the divinity or littleness of soul. To love our neighbor, is to love the divinity in ourselves. Those whose loving and tender reverence for their fellow-kind is so profound as to make them prefer to die rather than to injure the least of them, are the only ones who really perceive the grandeur of the divine life.

Let us inspire our neighbors, by our actions, with an idea of the divinity of human nature. Let us purify the magnetic atmosphere in which we move and dwell, that it may be radiant with health giving forces.

Let us be reverent, so that sweet peace may come into our souls like the rosy morning light into the bosom of the opening blossom. Let our hearts and soul be clean pure sweet temples fit for the divine to dwell therein. Let each one of us obey our deepest, highest, and purest prompting.

The glory is ours, who have been noble and mighty in word and work, who have felt the truth and even at the price of their own blood have sought to make it triumph. In their soul shall be out wrought every demand of divine Nature. In the spiritualization of humanity, Nature’s divine harmonies are perfected.

We are all architects, builders and decorators and our work is beautiful or unsightly, as we obey or disobey Nature’s divine demands. Those who simply indulge in carnal ease and pleasure, are in danger of losing their highest self for a long and painful night, among the dark and heavy shadows.
Those who are ever faithful to their best ideals, through changes and fatigue, through opposition and injury, shall reach the loftiest spiritual heights and hold communion with saints and sages.

~NSAC Spiritualist Manual